Cannibal Corpse

Knitting Factory Boise

What an epic night of metal here in our treasure valley. Cannibal Corpse​ brought their tour of violence through Knitting Factory [Boise]​ on a Monday night and the Boise’s and girlsies showed up to rage.










Opening the night was Boise local killers, Abaasy​. I have seen Abaasy only a few time and each time seemed to be better than the last. Getting to watch them on a big stage made me realize these guys take their sound very seriously. These guys had a great crowd from the time the doors opened. It is also cool seeing fans supporting their favorite bands especially when they are local. Probably my favorite song of the night was the second to last tune. It was announced there would be a short groovy number just before the last song and it was perfect. Groovy and smooth into thick and chunky, Abaasy crushed the opening of this show from the first song to last.

















If I am writing this review how I saw it, I need to mention two things before moving on.Number 1, I want to thank Travis for hooking me up with his spare reserved seating ticket. I had never met Travis and he didn’t appear to be your typical metal show goer,but after some conversation I found that he is an avid old school death metal fan. Second thought to mention is a guy I will refer to as, The Man in the Suit, a mid 50sgentleman who showed up as Perdition Temple started with his lady friend and bought two reserved tickets next to us. I’ll mention him more later but both of these thought were worth mentioning to me because you just never know who you will meet or see at a metal show and that is what has drawn me to this genre for most of my life. I love seeing the friendship and generosity a bunch crazies have for each other.














Moving on, Perdition Temple​. I had never seen or heard these guys before this show and man, they were the perfect next step in this mountain of heavy. My take on Perdition Temple is straight up blasting old school death metal. No need for speeches or get to know ya’s, Perdition Temple came to destroy and that is exactly what they did.













Next up to bat was Australian based Deathcore giants, Thy Art Is Murder​. Personally I was extremely excited to see these guys and they did not let me down. I love the dark stage, ominous guitars, band members getting on stage openings, it always gets me ready for a great show. To call back to earlier, you should note, by the second song The Man in the Suit was being taught how to do the metal horns and throwing them appropriately. I also love the crowd interaction by vocalist CJ McMahon​. It made me chuckle every time he referred to us all as Boise’s and Girlsies. Each band was a compliment to the next. It blew me away at how crisp and refined every song was that Thy Art is Murder blasted out. Before they were done, The Man in the Suit was being led downstairs and I saw him get almost in the pit. By the last song something dawned on me that I had never thought of in actual words, Thy Art is Murder is the perfect example of Deathcore without the “Deathcore”.















Finally, the moment we all were waiting for, the gigantic stage banner was unveiled revealing, CANNIBAL CORPSE! Being a fan of Cannibal Corpse since seeing them on Ace Ventura I was elated to finally see them live for the first time. I thanked Travis for the  seat but explained I had to get in the pit, we shook hands and down I went. Hearing a band through speakers is often times much different than hearing it live, this was no exception. Getting to watch the absolute death metal crushers do what they have done for so long was something I have still been thinking of. Getting to watch Corpse grinder classic windmill, head banging, huge neck and stage presence left me almost feeling like a star struck kid. George Corpse grinder has got to be one of the best vocalists in the business. No cupping of the microphone, no special effects just straight gut driven bloody murder. We had reached the mountain top of the night. As I said before, I was blown away that each band had just continued where the last left off in destroying the night. All hail the mighty Cannibal Corpse.
















In closing I’ll just say, I really liked how Abaasy and Thy Art is Murder where off set musically by Perdition Temple and Cannibal Corpse. The mosh was in the house as well. The pit was not as large as I expected but filled with large individuals. I will never hate a metal pit filled with every color, race and creed smashing into each other attempting to knock each other down just to stop everything to pick a fellow metal head who has fallen. I saw one dude get dropped and the whole pit stopped to help drag him out to get help. The whole night was capped off by Boise showing a national tour that we will show up, even on a Monday night, and we will burn the whole place down.

Blog Written By Adam Cadm Kirk
Photo Credit Aaron Michaels

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