Authority Zero Review

Rain, Sleet or Snow, Authority Zero will make the show!

When I talked to their tour manager Travis, I was unsure weather or not Authority Zero was going to make the show at The Shredder due to a nasty snow storm. To say the least I was worried. It wasn’t even the interview I was excited about, it was the fact I was about to see a band that shaped my upbringing. Nude Oil got off stage from a great set and I was getting more concerned. I went out back to catch some air and what did my hopeful eyes see? A van loaded with one of my favorite bands, Authority Zero had arrived. I helped load gear on stage and within moments of arrival, the first song rang out with, “Here weeee gooo!”

I was literally front and center for one of the best shows I have ever been to. If I’m being honest, I was a little worried they would rush the set for time, but the exact opposite happened. We were treated to a full-blown punk rock assault. After “A Passage in Time” had finished we were off and running. One thing I feel should be mentioned is the fact that the entire band sounded almost exactly like they do when you listen to them in your headphones. Vocalist Jason DeVore has the most unique vocal style in punk rock. It’s a cross between, ska, reggae and fast rapping or maybe fast speaking. Jason tells me, “I started singing fast because of a comfort zone thing, I didn’t like empty space. As long as I was saying something, I wasn’t in an awkward state of mind. My parents always said I talked fast too.”

Bassist Mike Spero blew me away when asked about influences. In his top three he told me, “When I was a kid I grew up on Green Day, MXPX (my longtime favorite) and Decedents.” However also went on to say, “As I’ve gotten older though, I don’t need to just listen to punk rock, like I love bluegrass and gospel music and you know it when you hear it because it’s just good.” The unanimous common denominator was Pennywise as a monster influence for everyone. They have had a bunch of ups and a couple downs on this 25-year tour but mostly great times. Watch out Korea and Japan cause Authority Zero is heading your way in April and on the other side of the pond it is reported Europe is on deck in July and August. For just every fan, 2020 is going bring a new album it sounds like, or at least some serious recording. The entire band wants to thank Boise for coming out and supporting

and the fans worldwide for always showing them love.

In closing I will say I started the show at the front of the stage and ended it jumping off and getting crowd surfed and singing a bit of “Mexican Radio” with Jason, which was a dream come true. Thanks to everyone of you that didn’t drop my big ass, I really wasn’t expecting to stay up. Idaho you rock and I can’t wait to share another show next to you.

Review By Adam Cadm Kirk
PC Lisa Felty

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